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A 5-week program designed for the woman who wants to unashamedly utilize her gifts, voice, and transferable skills to generate income online. This program removes the uncertainty associated with figuring out where to start.

Imagine this:

Going to bed with a sense of purpose, knowing that you're using your unique gifts to make a difference in the world.


As you drift off to sleep, you feel a quiet sense of satisfaction, knowing that you’re helping others in a meaningful way. Then, when you wake up, you’re greeted by a flurry of payment notifications – a tangible reminder that your efforts are making an impact.


The stream of payment notifications is like a chorus of gratitude from those who benefit from your innovation. It’s a powerful feeling to know that your work is not only appreciated but also sought after by others who see its worth.

You are able to resign from your day job

you have a business that can sustain your lifestyle and gives you peace of mind. #noofficedrama.


You’ve transformed your dreams into your everyday reality, where work isn’t just a routine of clocking in and out, but a way to live joyfully on your own terms

You are able to work from anywhere

It is a Monday morning and you are lounging in a cozy corner of your home or are on a resort in Bali using the skills you have to build generational wealth.

This is where you are now:

01 Endlessly downloading freebies in the hope that they will provide insights you need to figure out the logistics of building your online business.
02Staying up late into the night because you are looking for ways to increase your income so that you can leave that job that gives you anxiety.
03 You value flexibility and creativity over rigid corporate environments and are looking for ways to express your creativity while earning.
04You underestimate your potential by assuming that running a business isn’t for you. The skills you’ve acquired at work or home might just be the key to achieving the lifestyle you desire.

What is on the other side of this program


At the end of our 5-weeks together, if you’ve rolled up your sleeves to put in the work, you can expect:


Foundation & Structure

 Build the foundations of a business that will serve you now and as your business grows, all while strengthening your capacity to lead yourself to your next income and growth level


Ownership & Freedom


Peace of mind and the pleasure of pursuing your passions on your own schedule. Gone are the days of stress, pressure, and a boss breathing down your neck. Oh no, my friend! Your work is now a source of sheer enjoyment, a fulfilling adventure that allows you to express your passion and show those incredible skills of yours.


Unlimited Earning Potential

There is a liberating feeling in realizing that your earning potential is unlimited. You have the freedom to set your rates, choose the number of clients you work with, and decide your weekly working hours.

As your bank balance increases each month, you can confidently treat yourself  #guiltfree. With each invoice you send, you are liberating yourself from the constraints of a fixed salary.

the FAQ’s


Who Is This program For?

This program is ideal for the ambitious woman who is prepared for a challenge. If you thrive on productivity, taking responsibility for your actions, and generating income while fulfilling your purpose by utilizing your voice, talents, and skills to create wealth, then you are in the right place.


How long will I have access to the program for

You’ll have access to the modules for 6 months. This is to ensure you actually implement what you’re learning!


What if I need additional support

If you desire additional 1:1 support, I offer different levels of additional support depending on your specific needs. Please email me at to get more details.

For all technical questions, please also send an email.


Who Is This program not For?

This is your ticket to overnight riches.

This program may not be suitable for those seeking quick wealth or knowledge without action, blaming others for their errors, avoiding self-promotion, or being hesitant to showcase their talents. It requires coming out of hiding, embracing God-given gifts and stepping out of one’s comfort zone.


What if I can't make it live

Not to worry you will have access to replays


What If I Am Unhappy With the program?

I never want you to feel unhappy!

If you have any doubts about your purchase, please reach out to me at before we begin, and I will provide you with a complete refund.
Kindly note that as this is an informational product and the delivery of knowledge cannot be reversed, once the program starts, refunds will not be available.

Your Investment Options

Pay In full


Four 60-Minute Power Sessions Across Five Weeks: We take a break for one week to let you absorb and implement.

A private community (co-working, relationship building, asking questions, support, and more)

Mid-week check-ins & accountability

 3 Monthly Payment


Four 60-Minute Power Sessions Across Five Weeks: We take a break for one week to let you absorb and implement.

A private community (co-working, relationship building, asking questions, support, and more)

Mid-week check-ins & accountability